Mappy, Namco - 1983
FrontLine, Taito - 1982
Baby Pac-Man, Bally - 1982

About 2084 Arcade

2084 arcade is a private collection of arcade games consisting on the Golden Age of arcade gaming. The “Golden Age of Arcade Video Games” was the era of greatest popularity and technological innovation for arcade video games. The exact time period is a matter of debate, but key moments include the release of Space Invaders in 1978 and the first use of vector display technology in 1979. The Golden Age ended in the mid-1980s as many arcades closed due to declining business, over saturation and improvements on home console gaming.

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What's in store at 2084


Classic Arcade Gaming

With one of Southern California’s largest and most unique collections, 2084 Arcade 2084 arcade features a private collection of arcade games largely focused on the Golden Age of arcade gaming. The “Golden Age of Arcade Video Games” was the era of greatest popularity and technological innovation for arcade video games.

All games are fully operational and in their original cabinets. See if you still got what it takes to get High Score and get featured on our leaderboard!

The Getaway, Williams - 1992


For those that like Pinball, we have a selection of popular Pinball titles on site. Up to 4 players and aim to get your score on our leaderboard. Sounds, ramps, flashing lights and MultiBall and intense gameplay make this one of the most popular attractions at the arcade.

Introduced in the 1930s PInball has always been a popular attraction, with titles still being released to this day.


Console Gaming & DVD Lounge Area

DVD Lounge area with dual sofas, large screen TV and a Media Center full of 80s blockbuster movies, arcade documentaries and TV shows. Console Gaming on Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Neo Geo to name a few.

Complimentary water/drinks are provided, simply relax and enjoy!

Recent Blog Posts

2084 Takes 2nd Place in Battle of the Arcades 2017!

With 2084 coming in at 2nd place, Battle of the Arcades 2017 is now in the history books! Battle of the Arcades 2017 – Team Standings 1 Kencade 2135 Points 2 Arcade 2084: 2092 Points 3 Richie Knucklez: 1973 Points 4 Galloping Ghost: 1795 Points Thanks to the 2084 Team for a grueling 18 hours…


Battle of the Arcades 2017: Arcade 2084 – see us compete live on

Battle of the Arcades (BOTA) is a mostly annual team competition that pits arcades from across the country against each other in a two day long competition for the best of the best.

Each year 12 classic arcade games are selected for the competition that reflect a broad range of game styles and show off skill over luck. Part of what makes Battle of the Arcades special is the camaraderie built by being together in an arcade for two days. It feels like a trip back in time to the 80’s. Live video streaming is also an important part so non-participants can still watch the action live.


Happy Holidays from 2084!

Holidays are just around the corner and we want to thank you for a great 2016.

Arcade 2084 will be closed for the holidays, with its next public date on January 6th & 7th. Expect some new game hitting the floor and we’ll see you next year!


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